About Us

Prayer warriors dedicated to spiritual combat.


Our Mission is the renewal of our Church through the strengthening and protection of our priests and consecrated souls by seeking deep personal conversion and exercising a life of prayer, penance and sacrifice.


What sets us apart is our love to the aching Heart of Jesus, consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and continued conversion, seeking daily a more perfect Adoration of God.



To Adore God is to recognize Him as our Creator and Lord. It is to freely and humbly accept a life of servitude. It is to recognize that we are His creation and not our own making, that we are His possession and not of the world. It is to recognize He is our Owner and we are His property. To adore is to be aware that we are completely dependent on Him, hence, we must completely surrender to Him and His Will.


How to Join the Battle

Are you wondering why are you here? Maybe you have a desire to serve and do more for our Church? Or maybe, you are simply wondering what it is the Blessed Virgin Mary is asking from you? 

The Virgin Mary is asking us to help. She is calling us to rush back into the battle. She is asking us to be an army of reinforcements for the Church and the consecrated souls…She is calling us to be an army of praying knights! 

This one is to be an army of praying lay members of the Catholic Church, committed to a strong personal conversion, adoration of our Lord, prayer, love, sacrifice and penance, all of which would help the Church founded by Jesus Christ.  


You can join as a Rosa Mystica Knight by attending any of the meetings on the 13th of each month, consecrating yourself to Maria Rosa Mystica, and committing to lead a life of prayer, penance and sacrifice according to each level.

Warrior Level Pins

Rosa Mystica Knight
Rosa Mystica Standard Bearer
Rosa Mystica Marshal