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Evansville Diocese - MRM Devotion

The devotion in the Evansville Diocese was established in 2019 with the coming of a pilgrim statue from the Rosa Mystica House of Prayer in Edmeston, New York.  There are now three traveling statues in the diocese and three parishes that have a monthly devotion. 

Fr. Chris Forler is the chaplain for MRM in Evansville.

The annual Feast Day is celebrated on July 13th in St. Benedict Cathedral.


Monthly Devotion - 13th of the month

On the 13th of each month, the Evansville Diocese has three locations that celebrate the special devotion:

  • St. John the Evangelist, Daylight (Evansville)

  • St. Mary's (Huntingburg)

  • St. Francis Xavier (Vincennes)

Join the mailing list for information on time and details in each location.

The devotion typically includes Mass, Rosary and Novena prayers, and in Evansville, induction by chaplain for those that would like to become Knights.

Contact Information

The Marshalls in Evansville include:

Alfonso & Daniela Vidal - website & emails

Pete & Jenny Barry - monthly devotion (Evansville)

Patricia & Jorge Velasco - mailing list

Kathy & Bob Smith - traveling statue (English)

Nancy & Luis Londono - traveling statue (Spanish)

Ray & Rose Caramdang - traveling statue and monthly devotion (Vincennes)

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