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Maria Rosa Mystica

Evansville, IN - USA


Bringing this Devotion to Evansville

Since October 2017, we have been part of a prayer group through which we were inspired to bring the devotion to Our Lady of Rosa Mystica to the Diocese of Evansville.  We met with Bishop Siegel to propose how we could make this happen.  He gave us two tasks:  to find out if other dioceses in the United States are currently promoting this devotion; and to start a prayer group to be like a mustard seed and see what fruits it brings.

We began with the research for where else in the country this was being done and came across the Rosa Mystica Foundation of America and House of Prayer in Edmeston, New York.  We also found ourselves going to Scranton, PA for the National Cursillo Encounter representing the Evansville Cursillo.  We decided to take the two hour detour and visit this beautiful place on our way back home on Sunday July 21st, 2019.  

We never expected to find all the amazing things and people that we encountered. You can find information about Rosa Mystica of America here:  www.rosamysticaofamerica.org

We explained to the Director of the House of Prayer what we were being called to do and other details.  As we were about to leave, she turned around and asked if we wanted to take back with us the statue of Rosa Mystica, as a Pilgrim Virgin, for a year. Read more about this and other amazing and miraculous details of how this devotion got to Evansville click here.

**UPDATE: The Pilgrim statue was taken beck to New York on July 11th, 2020. Because of the great reception this devotion has had in Evansville, we were blessed with the Pilgrim Statue for one more year!  There is also a second statue that is traveling through Vincennes. 

On August 13th, 2020 a new group was launched to deepen the consecration and commitment to Maria Rosa Mystica's request to pray for the strengthening and protection of consecrated souls.  For more information on the Knights of Rosa Mystica and how to join click here


History of Maria Rosa Mystica

Our Lady of Rosa Mystica is a Marian advocation that goes back to the first centuries of Christianity.  It refers to Mary as Mother of the Mystical Body of Christ, or Mother of the Church.  We can find this name also in the Litany of Loreto.  

As Mother of the Church, Virgin Mary has been asking for a particular devotion for the protection and strengthening of priests and religious orders, and for the flourishing of vocations.  

Each rose in this image has a meaning: 

- White:  Prayer

- Yellow/Gold:  Penance - Reparation

- Red: Sacrifice 

These roses are to relieve the pain caused by three swords in Our Lady's heart by religious souls who are betraying their vocation, to repair mortal sin of those souls, and to repair for the infidelity of priests unworthy of their ministry.  

The devotion to Maria Rosa Mystica calls for the following:

- Celebrate the 13th of each month as a Marian Day, preceded by 12 days of special prayers.

- Novena to the Mystic Rose

- An hour of reparation from noon to 1 pm on December 8th, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

- A special celebration on July 13th, Rosa Mystica Feast Day.

For more information on the origins of this devotion and the new Rosa Mystica Shrine visit: https://www.rosamisticafontanelle.it/en/home-en/ 

Pray, host or tell us about your granted petitions


Attend and pray a novena

Please use the form below to send an email asking to be signed up to attend the nightly novena in the home or parish of your convenience.

Please send us your name, phone number, email and the dates that you are considering to attend. The prayer group will contact you with the address of the location for the pilgrim Mary Rosa Mystica and the novena for those dates.


Hosting Maria Rosa Mystica

If your family or parish desires to host this pilgrim statue of Maria Rosa Mystica please use the contact form below to contact the prayer group.

You will be required to pray a rosary and novena every day per instructions. You can also invite friends and family to pray with you.

Depending on availability, the group will contact you with the details and instructions.

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Granted Petitions

If Maria Rosa Mystica interceded for your prayers and petitions please use the form below to inform the prayer group.

If any obvious graces received by you from Heaven in answer to your novena, as a sign of gratitude to our Mother contact us to let us know.


Our Lady of Rosa Mystica Novena

If you wish to pray the Novena, please click the link below for the daily prayers.


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Contact the Prayer Group

Every 10 days the pilgrim Mary will travel to a different home or parish. We are posting the current location of the pilgrim Maria Rosa Mística

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